Effortlessly Manage Your External Workforce

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Created to address company's productivity initiatives

Drives operational efficiencies and bring visibility and control to your entire workforce, including


Temporary workers

Streamline staffing needs for short-term projects and fluctuations in demand. Reduce administrative burden and costs associated with managing temporary workers


Independent contractors

Automate contract management, invoicing, and payment processes. Manage multiple contractors simultaneously with ease. Track performance and ensure timely delivery


Service providers

Easily source and manage external service providers, such as cleaning or maintenance companies. Track performance and ensure timely delivery of services

what makes Vendorstaq different

User-friendly and customizable solution

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Say goodbye to manual processes and spreadsheets. Our system automates the entire external WFM process

Improved Communication

External WFM systems provide a centralized platform for communication between organizations and contingent workforce

Optimize Talent Acquisition

Our system also allows you to seamlessly manage onboarding, time-tracking, and budget tracking

Greater Flexibility

External WFM systems enable organizations to quickly adapt to changing business needs by providing them real time status

4 Easy steps

Achieve Your Business Goals


Identify your business needs and goals. Determine the types of workers you need to manage, the tasks they will perform, and the goals you want to achieve


Configure it to your specific requirements. This includes setting up user accounts, defining workflows, creating job templates, and configuring approval processes


After configuring the system, onboard your workers by creating their profiles in the system. This includes heir personal information, contact details, skills, and other relevant information


Use the external workforce management system to monitor worker performance, track progress, and analyze data. This will help you identify areas for improvement



Consultant Management

Social media done right, with a thoughtful approach


Manage the process of adding or removing consultant from the system


Track the skills and certifications of your consultant to match them with the right job


Self-service where they can access their work schedules, track their time

Time Tracking

Schedule work assignments and track the time worked by consultant

Job Management

Social media done right, with a thoughtful approach

Job Posting

Post job opportunities and match them with the best-suited workers based on skills

Work Order

Manage and track work orders, assigning workers, and tracking progress

Time Tracking

The ability to track the time spent by workers on each job, including clocking in and out

Job Matching

The ability to match workers with jobs based on their skills, experience

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